Hamilton Des Moines cancelling tickets suspected of reselling


A reader sent me this letter.  You can read it yourself, but it seems they cancelled my reader’s tickets for suspicion of being a ticket broker.  I asked the reader and all they did was list the tickets on Stubhub (even without seat numbers.)  I’m not sure how the company caught him (maybe matching out of state orders with listings,) or worse, Stubhub gave them his info. The reader did tell me he had bought multiple tickets using a different name, email, and cc but same IP. I know I was using the same IP too, but I haven’t listed on SH yet so I don’t think it was that. It’s either a combination of things or the reader just got unlucky.

What to do

At the end of the day, he’s out nothing except his time buying the tickets.  If the tickets had already sold though, he would have been harshly penalized by Stubhub (another reader got hit with a 40% penalty for another Hamilton listing that they accidentally double-listed and sold.)  If you haven’t listed tickets, maybe waiting until you get the physical tickets is a safer play.  Or maybe try a different avenue to sell the tickets.

Let’s hope Portland doesn’t follow suit.

  • plutarch

    I got this letter too. And it was mailed the day before the Hamilton tickets went on sale based on the postmark, when I initially registered for an account. I have no idea how they knew.

  • KP

    Would love to now hear thoughts from the foul mouthed p*g who was boasting about “first doctrine sale” in the earlier post. The “know-nothing” who pretended to be a “know-all”..

  • Bryan

    There are data points of ticketmaster cancelling tickets from the same IP. Doesn’t surprise me that it was done here. I use a phone (not on Wi-Fi) one computer, and another on vpn.

    • Miles per Day

      Yea except this wasn’t done through Ticketmaster at all

      • Bryan

        True. TM probably has bots to detect. This small theater probably did it manually.