Amazon now shows pictures of packages left at your house


I was trying to track a package from Amazon, and so I went on to their site to track my order and then my package.  This is what I saw, which I’ve never seen before:




This was shipped via AMZL US and not USPS or UPS, so it may only work on Amazon delivered items.  It doesn’t seem to be on ALL Amazon deliveries because other items I’ve bought like my monthly subscription didn’t have a picture.  And it doesn’t seem the VALUE matters because this was a cheap phone case.  This was a 2 day Prime delivery and not Prime Instant or a same-day or next day service.  I did leave feedback saying how cool this feature was.  Now let’s hope the other delivery companies do the same in the future.

  • Arnold Lin

    Cool feature. Now is there any way to instruct them to deliver to a specific location? My UPS/USPS/FedEx all know to deliver to a specific location that is not the front door. I would like to be able to tell Amazon the same location.

    • Miles per Day

      No doesn’t look like that feature is available yet.