A tale of two Kohl’s accounts


As some of you may remember, I’ve been banned from Kohl’s a few times now.  The latest one was a few months ago when I bough too many Nikes shoes with Kohl’s Cash.  Well since that happened, I opened 2 new accounts using my mailboxes.  I was able to buy items (fully paid with a cc, not GC.)  Both accounts had the same number of orders as well as item ordered.  I thought I was golden until a few weeks ago.


Order cancellation

A few weeks ago, I tried to order some Apple airpods from Kohl’s using something like $150 of KC and the rest on the same cc that I had been using for the previously good orders.  Order was cancelled.  I didn’t bother to call in.  Fast forward to last week.  I tried to buy an Apple Watch 3.  Sure enough, order cancelled too.  I called them up to ask what’s going on.  The rep asked me for a phone number to confirm my identity.  I gave her a GV number.  Soon after, she said I’d need to go in to a store and show my driver’s license and a utility bill, and the store will then call them to “fix” my account.  Poop!  Maybe I’ll do it later, but I really wanted the Apple Watch 3 since I had KC to burn, and they aren’t stocked in store.


Second account to the rescue

I logged into the 2nd account and was able to buy the Watch outright with a cc.  Got shipping confirmation and all.  I plan on returning the Watch in store and re-buying using my KC.



The only difference between the 2 accounts is the bad order that got cancelled.  I wonder if Kohl’s is now tracking KC (it came from an in-store return.)  I will note that the verification account is in the same city and zip as well as same name as my banned account.  The other good account is in a different city and zip as well as in my wife’s name, so maybe they are trying to match up banned accounts.  Regardless, they suck!

  • juanbeny

    Almost every time I use KC in store, I am asked where I got these KC. Annoying.

    • Miles per Day

      Must be just your Kohl’s. The ones around Seattle haven’t asked me that.