Review – AMEX Hawk’s Island


Last weekend, I went to the AMEX Hawk’s Island event.  The event was held on a barge near Pier 66 in Seattle.  I believe this is their 2nd year doing this. The first year was free I think.  This year, they were charging $12 per card member, and each member could bring 3 guests ($12 per guest as well.)  They did not send out tickets.  They matched your name to a printed out list at the door.  The event included 2 free drinks, some free snacks, and an opportunity to take photos with Seahawks’ legends.

I was mainly going for the experience of it; didn’t really care for the retired Seahawks players.  The bracelet they gave you when entering had 2 tear-off drink tickets.  Additional drinks were $7 each.  OUCH!  We all got the long island iced tea like drink, which was good.  They had 3 snack options from local restaurants – there was a clam chowder station (delicious,) mini salad thing, and a pulled pork slider option (decent.)

My wife did get a photo and an autograph with Walter Jones.  We stayed for about 30 minutes and left because it was kinda boring.  I think if you had stayed, they would have shuttled you to the stadium.  Would I go next year?  NAH!  It just wasn’t worth $12.  I was hoping for some take-home swag, which I do believe they gave out last year.