Private chat

10/13/17 – NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS.  SEE THIS PAGE WHEN MORE SLOTS WILL OPEN.  DO NOT COMMENT ANYMORE ON THIS PAGE.  If you comment, then you clearly can’t read instructions and that’s already a bad sign.

I’m opening up a semi-private real-time chat using Slack.

There are 3 rules:

  2. Be nice to others
  3. Try not to share information outside the Slack

Let’s talk about those 3 things in reverse order.  Number 3 is similar to “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  While we’d like for that to be true, it most often times is NOT, so expecting that isn’t realistic.  As for number two – if you call people names or demean others, you will be booted.  Now #1 is very important.  Imagine we’re all on an episode of “Survivor” – every one has to do their part for the group.  If you’re not helping out or just leeching information, you will be booted.  Or if you think you know it all and don’t say anything, then that’s not helpful either.  Successful members are ones who can fulfill parts of the “Dream Team.”  If you’re new to all this, you can help by being a guinea pig and trying new things and reporting to the group.

If you want to join, either email me or leave a comment below


  • Jeyster2

    Interested in joining, thanks!

  • Henry

    Count me in!

  • Kaden Stern

    Could contribute with a Midwest touch. Would like to join.

  • Liz

    I’m interested. I can contribute. Thanks

  • Long

    I’m interested.

  • BT

    I am interested, still pretty new, but looking to contribute

  • Mrdioji

    I would like to be added, too! Thanks

  • douglas harris

    Would love to join and help out from the MS wasteland that is San Francisco

  • Madmadso

    Count me in!

  • Aaron

    Would love to join and share what I know. Thanks.

  • Joe P

    Looking forward to learning from and sharing with other big fish throughout the country. Without a doubt, we all benefit from experience greater than ourselves. Been doing this for 5 years and have grown so much through conversations w ms colleagues.

  • Ka Ha

    Would love to join as well… thanks Vinh!

  • Ryan Flanigan

    I’d like to get in. I know I can contribute. I’d love to hear more of your shutdown stories.

  • Robert Mun

    I’d like to join too!

    • Robert Mun

      Hey there

  • John Lee

    Hi I’d love to join – thank you!

  • heather

    Me too.

  • Fz

    I would like to join this as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Rayne Knudson

    I would like to join. Thanks

  • seespotjump

    Interested in joining!

  • javier

    I would love to join too

  • RW

    Appreciate the opportunity. Interested in joining and would participate. Thanks!

  • Cynthia Anderson Logsdon

    I’d love to join.

  • banananon

    I’m in Vinh. Think I could help fill some roles.

  • Arnold Lin

    I’m definitely interested. I think my knowledge would help the group

  • Pedro

    Hi Vinh, long time reader since the amex plat referral days. Would love an invite for new active place to contribute now that L2 forums are pretty much dead. Thanks!