How I did on those Pink tickets part two


I wrote last week about how I did on those Pink presale tickets.  I had flipped them within an hour for a $355 profit.  That was on Tuesday during the presale.  The public sale was Friday the 13th.  I saw tickets still available on Wednesday and Thursday (nosebleeds, but I didn’t want to exceed any ticket limits, so I passed.)  Plus, I thought the opportunity had ended.  Come Friday when the public sale started, Seattle was ALL SOLD OUT.  Yup, Pink sold all the seats during presale.  I’m sure the fans were pissed!



Never to miss an opportunity, my Slack people recommended we look into Portland tickets.  And so that’s what we did.  Mostly nosebleeds were left and so I bought 8 more tickets (public sale limit) – 2 sets of nosebleeds for $386 per pair and 2 sets of 100 level seats for $489 per pair.  Yes, I went ALL IN on Pink.  Total cost there was $1,750.


Stubhub we go

As soon as I bought them, I posted them on Stubhub.  Later that day, a pair of nosebleeds sold for net $495:

Then on Monday, another pair of nosebleeds sold for the same $495 net.  Then on Tuesday, the 100 level sold for:

Then the last pair on Thursday for the same price.


Lessons Learned

For all 4 pairs, I netted $2,066 and cost was $1,750 for a profit of $316 (ROI 18%) and 5K TYP.  I actually didn’t realize how poorly I did on the 100 level from an ROI perspective.  The nosebleeds were definitely better.  Should I have held out?  Probably since the concert isn’t until next summer and supply will diminish over time.

The lesson learned is – hey when you’re riding a hot hand, keep it going.  On the risk/reward scale, this was low risk due to me knowing how well the Seattle tickets did.  It was better than me trying a random concert that I’ve never flipped before.  It was interesting how Seattle sold better than Portland (bigger city, more fans here I guess.)

Do I feel guilt at all?  NOPE!   The tickets were bought during the public sale, so any fan had the same opportunity.  I’ve also realized I’ll have to buy the Taylor Swift tickets on the resale market when she tours since I’m not playing her click/buy stuff game.

  • Ling Lin

    Oh crap! They sent me 4 cds! Your name is on the mailer too!

    • Miles per Day

      Keep them. Give to friends, family, coworkers

  • brxbmrzfan

    Slack people? 🙂

    • karlranck

      prob people from his Slack group about reselling. Slack is basically like online group chat