DEAL DEAD – The $1,000 VGC from Giftcardmall


In the summer of 2016 (yes, I waited that long to write this dead deal,) Microsoft started giving out points for their Earn program.  The program’s URL was and when you clicked through, you would land on a page with a URL of  A very astute reader noticed that when you clicked through the gift cards shown, the XXXX would change to different numbers.  So an Ebay gift card would be 1234 and then an Express gift card would be 1239.  Well, what are gift cards 1235-1238 and why aren’t they shown?  Well it turns out, one combination of XXXX popped up a $1,000 Visa gift card.  There was no fee and it only cost $.49 for delivery.  Since it was GCM at the time, it also earned 3X on ATT.



I was able to order 1 in (screenshot below) and a 2nd order of 2 cards.  After that, they started to cancel the orders.  Probably because they finally caught on and was wondering WTF.  I think this may have led to my GCM ban even though I was able to buy some Ebay gift cards afterwards.  I had used a different email address for these orders, so maybe they got me for multi-accounts.  Would I order again knowing what I know know about my ban?  HECK YEAH!  The reward was worth the risk at the time.  My store cashier was pretty shocked when I said, “No today I’ll swipe just ONE card.”  HAHA


Lessons Learned

Eh, look around on web sites?


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  • Jake P

    Love the white wedding cake design. “Yes, It’s a very generous gift for my baby sister’s upcoming nuptials.”

  • Mike G

    Do u really buy 1 MO at a time?! :))

  • Carl Pietrantonio

    Good point to look at the web URLs when poking around the net. Had not really thought of that too much. I wish I had the time lately to MS but am in the throes of home remodeling. At least I loaded up with several new cards as this makes for some nice big organic spend opportunities! But what a fricking hassle! Contractors that have their act together are really hard to find right now since there is so much building going on. ARGH!

  • Ken

    Holy hell, that’s pretty close to a unicorn as it gets.

  • Justin

    MSing would be so much easier with $1k/$2k VGCs. Nice find