So you bought Harry Potter tickets – now what?


Yesterday was the Super Bowl of ticket flips due to the Harry Potter release.  Let’s recap what happened:

  1. The codes on Ebay were going for $1500.  While Ed Sheeran codes were tied to a TM account, it seems these codes weren’t, which I found very odd.  Regardless, selling the codes on Ebay is very risky because the buyer could easily file a chargeback and you’d most likely lose.
  2. The 11AM time slot people essentially bought out all Saturdays through July 2018
  3. The ticket limit was 6 per show.  However, the 11AM folks also figured out that you could buy 2 orders of 2 tickets, but someone who bought 4 tickets couldn’t go back and buy another 2.  No one tried 3 x 3.
  4. The 11AM folks also figured out the only delivery options were MOBILE ONLY and WILL CALL.  I mean, you can’t pick WILL CALL, so the only option was MOBILE ONLY (more on that later)
  5. The 12PM folks like myself had slim pickings after that.  I tried 6 tickets for Saturdays through the summer, but the site kept spinning and spinning.  I eventually gave up on a Saturday and picked the July 4th time-frame and was able to get 6 tickets
  6. A few readers who were on standby goes codes via text (no email notification) after 12PM.


How to sell

After the purchase went through on TM, we all realized that TM disabled the ability to 1) sell the tickets and 2) transfer the tickets.  Off to Stubhub we go.  When you tried to list it, you got this popup:

I emailed and requested access.  I got a reply within 2 hours approving me to list the tickets.  After that, I listed my tickets and chose the “I will deliver later” option as well as “Mobile Transfer.”  And now I wait…  You also do NOT need to be approved for Mobile Tickets if you are approved for Harry Potter.  It seems once you have HP approval, you can list.


Return Policy

You can return the tickets.  This is the policy.  I’m not sure if there’s a fee associated with this, but it’s interesting this is even an option.  Maybe they want people who can’t make the show to be able to refund it since they know they can easily re-sell those tickets.

Return Policy – If you would like to return a ticket, please contact Ticketmaster at (800) 653-8000.

All tickets purchased over 28 days prior to a performance can be returned for a refund any time up to 14 days prior to the performance time.

Refunds may not be guaranteed for tickets purchased within 28 days of a performance. However, please do contact Ticketmaster if circumstances mean you are unable to attend and they will endeavor to assist you.

All returns are at the discretion of the box office.


Transferring Tickets

TM has this:

How to transfer Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets to friends and family.
Ticket Transfer may alternatively be referred to, Alternative Pick Up.

Locate your order number provided in your purchase confirmation or visit My Account.
Have the credit card used for purchase available, you’ll need to reference the last four (4) digits of the card.
Once you have your order number and credit card handy – please contact Ticketmaster Fan Support. Within your Order Details page on Ticketmaster, locate the Live Chat button and connect with us there. Or visit our Contact Us to learn more about the ways to get in touch. When you contact us, you’ll need to provide your order number, last four (4) digits of the credit card used for purchase, and the name you wish to transfer the tickets to.

All transferred tickets will be available via Theater Will Call 72 hours prior to the performance date.


Stubhub Sales Process

At this point, we don’t know how the exact process will work.  It seems that the show won’t send you the tickets until 72 hours to the show.  At that point, you’d have to transfer the tickets to the Stubhub buyer.  I’m not sure how that’s going to work, but if you trust the rules above, it looks like you’ll need to contact TM with the last 4 digits of the card you used and have them transfer the tickets to the buyer’s name.  That buyer will then pick it up from Will Call at the theater.  Sounds very kludgy, but that’s what the process sounds like.  I’m not sure if these are QR codes and we’re able to send screenshots (would be easiest.)  I’m sure Stubhub will figure all this out in due time.


All in a day’s work

Right before I started typing this up, it looks like a reader got a sale already.  Paid $2500 for tickets and sold them for $6000 net.  A profit of $3,500 in a day’s work (better than flipping the Ebay codes.)  I think he could have held out for more seeing those listed prices.  Once more people learn about the play, prices should go up since all the shows are sold out now.  Good luck!

  • Mike t

    Sounds like stubhub has no idea how it will transfer tickets since TM is not allowing mobile transfer. But they claim they will figure it out. just an update if your curious like I am.

  • tiffany

    If someone’s purchased your tickets off StubHub, are you waiting to contact Ticketmaster to transfer the tickets, or initiating the process now?

  • Azaz

    hi, is there anywhere besides Stubhub you’d recommend listing?

    I just listed Orchestra tickets for combined parts 1 and 2 nov 15/16 for 2750 each on StubHub. I think thats fine?

  • Jacinto

    Since you say about selling the tickets:

    “At this point, we don’t know how the exact process will work”,

    does it make sense to wait until the show has started to get some actual datapoints before we list the tickets for sale on Stubhub?

    • Miles per Day

      No better to lock in a high price now vs later

  • Chris

    Personally, instead of shelling out $2,000/ticket for this NY show, I would much sooner buy $150 tickets for a London performance and fly everyone there for a 2 or 3 nights’ stay in a nice hotel and still save beau coup bucks. But I’m not complaining.

  • HanksTravel

    Is it better to list SO tix in her own Stubhub account or could it be done in mine? From past experiences, please

    • Miles per Day

      Yours is fine

  • Joe

    i’ll tell you what made me sell at the price i did (which everyone including my wife thinks is low — but still not too bad).

    1) I’m a rookie when it comes to tickets, and the return was pretty darn good — but I’m guessing it could’ve been better — given the speed at which they sold.
    2) I didn’t get good orchestra seats (sadly) — in fact, i thought the tickets i got weren’t great.
    3) While I did get sunday tickets in the summer — they are a few months in.
    4) I’m concerned by the number of cheap tickets they are selling 300 x $40 or cheaper tickets per performance and seemingly a bigger lottery (40 tickets) than most of the these shows. I guess that doesn’t impact the resell market — at least not yet.
    5) This venue is quite large — I believe one of the largest on the broadway scene at 1900+ (vs the Rodgers theater of 1300 for Hamilton.
    6) I’m concerned what happens to pricing once everyone is approved to sell the tickets.

    I guess there is also the fact that I think people are a bit nutts to spend so much on a broadway show — but that shouldn’t cloud my pricing.

    That being said it’s Harry Potter. Lots of die hards out there.. and I wish you guys all the best of luck getting the max.

    • Miles per Day

      In the end, you may have been better off. Like I said, better to take the bird in hand.

    • Mark Ostermann

      I don’t think anyone should be upset by a $3500 return!

  • Baxter

    Man, I didn’t realize you could do 2+2! I was able to get 2 orchestra seats for the Saturday April 21st show but wish I could have gone for more. I have no idea how to price these

    • HanksTravel

      Yeah, me too. Couldn’t get back in, said code was used.

  • fpmiles

    Reminder, those pricing are all PRE-SHOWING which shouldn’t be as valuable as official showing which starts April 20.

    Gauge your prices from April 20th and onward.

    • Chris Baxter

      Curious, what’s the difference? I’m assuming same cast and show. Still considered warming up or something?

      • fpmiles

        Generally speaking, for pre-showing, they are still trying to smoothen any kinks and cast. With that being said, the possibility of not having the “best” cast during pre-show should reflect on prices IMO. Imagine it’s a final rehearsal. Off chances cast changes. Plus technically, real reviewers will start reviewing after the official dates. April 20 is the Official cast which may very well be the same cast from the pre-showing.

  • Joe

    I was told that if you’re approved to sell the harry potter tickets that you are approved for mobile for this show. (although not all mobile) unless you request and are approved.

  • Joe

    Off topic, but I’m assuming some here will care (and probably know already) , but apparently Chase nerfed PPDG and Gyft, Cardcash, etc for INK… RIP. Sad day 😀

  • Kumar

    Whats the option if stubhub does not allow??

    • Chris Baxter

      So this special request for approval to list must be because they are checking for something. Just wondering if they see your account has just been opened (such as in my case) if that will be a reason for denying you your listing request? If so, maybe wait a while before asking politely if you can list? Has anyone just opened an account and already received approval?

      • Kumar

        They have not replied to my email yet. My account was opened more than 3 years ago but never bought or sold anything. I am also kind of local to NYC, so may just drive to the local stub hub office and convince them I have the tickets and have them list it.

        • Chris Baxter

          Just curious as to what reasons they would not allow you to list these. Hopefully it’s more of just a formality and a quick screen to double-check all your payment and address info matching up. Let us know what you hear. Thanks.

          • Kumar

            They just approved my listing. Thats a big load of my back. I just saw that I had bought 2 tickets for wrestlemania 2011 just after I created the account. Not that it had any bearing on the approval.

          • Chris

            I was just approved too. Looks like it was just a formality after all. I figured they wouldn’t be making it too difficult since they want in on this action too. Good luck!

    • Miles per Day

      Kinda no option at that point. Either sell to friends or just ask for refund.

      • Kumar


      • Chris Baxter

        If not allowed, is there any way to give tickets to someone who CAN be approved and have them list them?

        • Kumar

          Yea can we do that??

  • Joe

    I happen to be local… so if i need to meet the people to transfer the tickets at a stub hub location i can do it!