The troubling phone call that I just got from Sitibank


Yesterday morning, I got a call from Sitibank about some activity on my Double Cash card.  This is NOT the call you want to get.  I don’t remember all of it, so this is the jist of the call

  • C – Hi, this is Siti.  We are calling you based on some activity on your DC.  This call is recorded.
  • M – Okay….
  • C – There have been multiple debit card payments to your account.  Can you tell me the source of them?
  • M – Yes, they are from my bank.
  • C – From employment?
  • M – Well yeah, employment pays my bank and I pay you guys via my bank debit card
  • C – What is your annual income?
  • M – Blah
  • C – Why do you change debit cards?
  • M – Because my bank has a daily limit
  • C – Oh okay.  I also noticed a lot of purchases of gift cards.  What are these for?
  • M – For gifts
  • C – Were they for personal or business reasons?
  • M – Personal
  • C – Do you plan on continuing to use debit card payments and buying gift cards?
  • C – Okay thank you for your time.


Lessons Learned

After we hung up, I immediately moved my TYP to Singapore.  See, this is what I get for poking that bear with anonymous payments.  For the record, I looked at my last statement and I only did $3K of debit payments.  The funny thing is I was spending up to my $37K CL months ago and never got a call.  I honestly think they called me due to my debit card payments, which I had only recently started up again and have now ended FOR GOOD… assuming I survive this.  IF YOU ARE STILL MAKING DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS TO SITI, JUST STOP NOW!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Mark Ostermann

    You forgot to put an H after the S in the title 😉

  • Dave

    Recent follower of the blog due to all the good things I’ve heard. Thanks for sharing the story. I always pay off a card via bank if I used it to buy GCs. Then again we all know these golden rulers and get lax and break them 😀

    I did a rather large influx on my Inks (from 4K to 16k – I knew better) and hoping I survive it. Your ink shutdown post scares me. I knew better 🙁

  • Dustin

    Did you do all debit payments or mix payments? I’m paying with my unicorn debit card and regular bank payments. It takes 5 days to unload $2k and then deposit to the bank.

    • Miles per Day

      Mixed but mostly debit

  • glngarryglnross

    I cant believe in todays game you still paying off your CC by debit card. OMG

    • Miles per Day

      You know every one of your comments is always a snarky “you should know better” remark. It was fine at first but now it’s getting annoying. Since you seem to know everything, then just stop reading the blog.

      • glngarryglnross

        why tell me whether to read or not? Isnt that my decision? I cant laugh at how crazy your stories of getting shut down are?

        • glngarryglnross

          You mad at the wrong person dude. This is squarely on you. You are aware that Citi/Barclay and others shut down for pmts like that. Shocked you tried to pull it off with so much to lose. Be mad at yourself

          • Miles per Day

            No I’m not mad at the bank at all. Did you ever consider that I know someone who’s doing heavy volume just fine? Anyway, I’m done with you. Go troll someone else’s blog.

  • stalker

    Don’t forget that Singapore miles expires :-/

    • Miles per Day

      Yea I’m hoping for some good AS award gems in future