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Instead of creating a new post, I’m going to append to my old post (old post below)  I finally got around to taking the pair of pants for a spin this past weekend.  I took a redeye to Chicago, and so it was the perfect time to try the pants on.  Like I said before, the pants are nicer than walking around in sweats or track pants, but I still wouldn’t wear them into Alinea (which I wore my Lulu ABC pants in.)  They are definitely stylish and comfortable.  However, like I said before, they do feel a bit thick so if you’re in a hot airplane cabin, this could be an issue.  If you’re mostly flying domestic, I think they are perfectly fine.  Another issue that sorta bothered me was that due to the material, you could see the phone bulge in your pants.  See picture below of a pair of Airpods in my pocket.  I’ve never noticed this before in the pants I’ve owned, but I’ve also never worn a pair of pants like this before.

Now, I will say I did go into a Lululemon store in Chicago and saw what I thought were the exact pair of pants.  Yes, the Lulu Discipline pants are almost identical to these pants; from the side zippers to the flap over back pockets.  I even went to try them on for shits and giggles just to compare them to the Public Rec pants.  They fit and look almost identical.  I then put my phone in the pocket and sat down and sure enough, they bulged like these pants, which leads me to believe it’s the material/style of pants that makes things bulges.

Anyway, I’ve decided to keep the pants instead of returning them.  I could see myself wearing them to the mall in the winter time.  But if I’m traveling and knowing I’ll be going to a nice restaurant, I’m leaving them at home just because they aren’t dressy enough in my opinion.


[Update – The founder of Public Rec reached out to me and convinced me to give them a test run, so I’ll do that and update this post in late August.]


For long time readers, you know I am still looking for the perfect travel pants.  Right now, I’m still wearing the Lululemon ABC pants; they seem to be the leading candidate right now.  A reader sent me a link to these Public Rec All Day Every Day pants.  He had a $20 referral code for both he and I, and so I was able to get the pants for $75, which I thought was reasonable.  The company shipped out the pants the next day via USPS Priority and I got them within 2 days.  Great service!


Trying on the pants

When I got them in, I was very excited to try them on.  However, that excitement faded very quickly.  The reason for that is because the pants felt too “thick” for my liking.  Like if the F cabin was Asiana hot, then I could see myself sweating and wanting to take them off ASAP.  They also looked a tad bit too much like sweats more than dress pants.  The side zippered pockets and pockets in back were awesome though.  I was going to try them out on my trip to New York, but at the last minute decided not to.  The reason for that is because I couldn’t see myself walking into a fancy sushi place with these pants whereas the ABC pants are more than adequate.  For you readers who don’t care about that, then I would recommend these pants to you.  They come with a 30 day free return policy, so if you don’t like them, then you can easily return.  And if you do want to try them out, use this referral for $20 off the pants.  Btw, I had chosen the charcoal gray color.



My Clothing Arts pants are still on order, so I’m waiting for them next.  I have a feeling the ABC pants will remain the king though.

  • RS_WI

    Have you tried the UB Tech travel pants from Costco? I think these are my absolute favorite pants ever. They’re stretchy (enough), very water resistant stain resistant (liquids just bead up), they dry quickly from sweat, AND they’re wrinkle-free and look smart enough I actually wear them to work (at an office) most days, in lieu of heavy cotton khakis. For traveling, they even have a zipper-close side pocket (pickpocket prevention!) and the back pockets both also zip closed. Front pockets are deep-ish enough that there’s little risk of a wallet or passport falling out when sitting.

    I’ve taken them to 4 or 5 countries since acquiring my first pair last year, and was blown away. I think I own like 12 pair now in various colors. I’m wearing them now… at work.
    AND, they’re less than $20 a pair. 🙂

  • Carl Pietrantonio

    Huh! I was just looking at the Clothing Arts pants like 5 minutes ago! Hope to hear soon what you think of those. They seem spendy but I like the pick-pocket fighting aspect of them.

  • disqus_U0mK5URy7u

    For travel. I’d recommend black Nike Tech Fleece joggers. One of the best jogger pants every created. $100.

  • Robert L

    You should have tried wearing them out before writing a review. I own a pair of these pants in black and I find them to be perfect. They are not too hot when flying. In fact, they are the only thing I’ll wear when traveling. And I get compliments on them constantly, so I wouldn’t worry about any social stigma at your local restaurant.

    • Miles per Day

      Robert, the founder reached out to me for me to give them a full test run, so I’ll do that in August and will re-review the pants.

      • Robert L

        That’s great! Looking forward to reading it.

  • andimal

    I’ve lost track of all the traveling pants reviews. This is legit something I need to buy (tired of wearing adidas track pants when I fly) — care to do a summary post with positives and negatives about each you’ve tried out so far?

    • Miles per Day

      Yeah I’ll do one massive post later