Why I did NOT buy those Kaskade Redux tickets


I’ve been writing a lot about my ticket flips, but I think it’s also important to write about why I choose to NOT flip certain tickets.  I had a chance last week to buy some Kaskade Redux tickets.  I’ve written about Kaskade in the past, and while I lost money on his last flip, that wasn’t the sole reason why I decided to skip them this turn.



When I first looked at the tour list, I was trying to figure out which city was the best flip but I didn’t recognize any of the venues.  I pulled up the Vancouver one at random and found out it was a nightclub.  It turns out all of the venues are nightclubs, which meant it would be a limited supply.  I then ultimately settled on Sacramento and Vancouver would be my best options.

On the day of, I clicked through the Vancouver one and lo and behold, there is a disclaimer saying they would check the ID to match the ticket.  I’m not sure if they would actually do it or not, but it was enough of a deterrent for me.  I then clicked through Sacramento, and while there was no exact disclaimer like that, they did say they would check ID’s (I’m guessing to make sure the person was over age.)  I thought about it for a minute and realized the risk/reward was just no longer there.  That’s when I gave up.

Later in the day, I see this tweet.  That didn’t concern me as much as the venue checking ID part, but I did call out that watchout in the earlier Kaskade post.  I think I’m done with EDM flips for a while.

The lesson learned here is you can’t win them all.  There will always be new reselling opportunities.  If you aren’t sure, just let it go.