Discover Miles $50 signup bonus


I don’t like pimping credit cards, but this is the first time I’ve seen a referral / signup bonus on the Discover Miles card.  I got the sheet from my paper statement.  The offer says you’ll earn 5,000 miles (worth $50)  if you sign up and make ANY purchase within 3 months.  Remember, this card is churnable.

Here’s my referral link, which earns us both $50.  You can choose to hate me and this post so much that you’d rather earn nothing using a public link though.  So you do you.

  • Ani Patil

    Looking to sign up for this in December keep the link alive!

    • Miles per Day

      Here’s hoping. If not, ping me when December comes around in case there is a new link.

      • Ani Patil

        BTW if the double cashback thing is still a thing, people who do get referred will actually get 100!

  • Ken

    Does the cashback card with 1st year doubling ever do bonus points?

    • Miles per Day

      No they are super stingy. No spend or redemption bonuses.

  • Blue moon

    Sellout! I’m telling TravelBloggerBuzz!!!! (/s)

    • Miles per Day

      I’m good with that since he sold out a long time ago. Haha

      • shar

        Sold out and became the blogosphere’s biggest whiner. What a shame. He still has some great links but man lost all credibility