The dashboard clip car mount cell phone holder


My favorite car cell phone holder is still the CD mount cell phone holder.  However, Esther told me about this dashboard car cell phone mount a month ago or so, and I had never heard about it until I got my hands on one.  It’s pretty ingenious if you ask me.  It essentially clips to your dash behind your steering wheel (and is pretty sturdy.)  Then when you want to mount your cell phone, you push down on the other end and put your phone in sideways (kinda like a binder clip.)  It has cushioned “teeth” and will even fit big phones like an iPhone 7 Plus with a case on it.  Your phone doesn’t move at all.  Plus now you have the advantage of seeing your GPS map right in front of you while you’re driving.  Also very sturdy and your phone won’t fall out.

The downside of this type of mount is that it does take an extra 5 seconds of effort to mount and dismount your phone.  I like the CD mount because I can easily mount my phone with a button push and slide.  Right now, I have both inside my car.  I don’t usually mount my phone if I’m commuting to and from work, but if I need to see my phone, I’ll use the CD mount most of the time.  I only use the dashboard mount when I use the navigation on my phone and/or when I’m on a longer drive.

Since I have no Amazon affiliate, if you want one, here’s a linked search for all of them on Amazon.  Don’t pay more than $10 for one.

  • Aaron

    Check out They make specific mounts and holders for specific vehicle makes and models. Once it’s mounted, it looks like the mount was original to the vehicle. Since it’s custom, it’s a bit pricey, but looks wise, I think it’s well worth it.