Why you should sign up for Papa John’s emails


Hey if you don’t like Papa John’s Pizza, go ahead and stop reading now.  However, if you are a connoisseur, then keep reading.  With all the T-Mobile Tuesday free pizza and now these emails from Papa John’s, I haven’t paid for a single pizza all year.  Also, if you’ve been eating the regular crust, may I suggest you try the thin crust version.  Once you go thin crust, it’s hard to go back to the regular crust (save on those carbs yo!)  By the way, I did learn recently that they no longer will do thin crust on a medium sized pizza; has to be a large size now.


Mystery codes

Anyway, Papa John’s emails out these mystery codes like once a quarter.  I think the last one, I got 10 points, which was good for some breadsticks, so I didn’t care.  However, this time, I wasn’t gonna even bother, but tried it for shits and giggles and I actually got 15 points, which was good for a medium 2 topping pizza.  GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!  The points do expire (usually by end of week,) so don’t snooze too long.