Review – Hyatt Regency Chicago


Since this was a cat 4 hotel, I used a Chase Hyatt annual certificate for a 1 night stay since I had no destinations planned with a Hyatt category 4.  We got to the hotel at around 11AM, and we immediately noticed there was a convention going on.  The hotel lobby area was HUGE and beautiful.  The hotel had 2 towers of rooms (East and West towers.)  We had to take an escalator upstairs to the lobby.


Checking in

There was a dedicated World of Hyatt desk where we checked in versus waiting behind 4 other people at the check-in desk for the serfs.  The rep mentioned that as a Discoverist, we got 2 coupons for bottles of water at the cafe downstairs.  Turns out there isn’t any water bottles in the room, which is always my biggest annoyance at hotels.  I was appreciative of the 1 liter Aquafina water bottles that the coupons got you.



I didn’t even use it since I wasn’t in the room that long, but my wife didn’t seem to have a problem with it.



Nothing special.  Just a regular room.



I heard the breakfast at the lounge wasn’t that good.  Only 1 hot item and the usual bagels and cold cuts of meat.  The 6PM snacks were a bit better with some chicken fingers, cold cuts, and lots of vegetable options.  However, the alcohol wasn’t free and was based on an honor system – $4 for beer/wine and $5 for liquor, which wasn’t outrageous once you’ve calmed down that it wasn’t free.



I thought the location was great (just south of Michigan Avenue.)  Convenient Uber/Lyft pickup spots.  However, it is MASSIVE, so if you’re into small boutique hotels, then this isn’t for you. Also, the overnight parking fee was something outrageous like $67 all in per night (only waived if you are a Globalist booking on award!)  



  • I have reservations there the weekend of my birthday in October. I don’t usually like the huge convention style hotels but points and cash were available here and not at most of the other Chicago Hyatts.

    • Miles per Day

      It’s a good location and elevators run fast. Enjoy your bday!

      • actually, Centric Magnificent Mile is now available on Points and Cash. Is it worth the extra points and $?

        • Miles per Day

          Centric location is slightly better. Room should be better too. Depends on if you think that’s worth the extra $$$

  • Mark Ostermann

    I had drinks at the big bar there when I was 19 or 20 – I will always have fond memories of the place because of that 😉

    Parking charges everywhere in Chicago are outrageous – sometimes it is about half of what they are charging for the rooms.

    • Miles per Day

      I figured that, but $67 is the highest I’ve ever seen. I’m not even sure NYC goes up that high.