One month update on my Crossfit kick


It's been about a month now since I started Crossfit.  I'll give a brief update.  I don't plan on doing it monthly; maybe once a quarter.  Anyway, here are the results so far:


  • Weight – my weight has stayed the same.  The instructor had told me this from the getgo.  I think everyone knows that "muscle weighs more than fat," so I'm going to chalk up the lack of weight loss due to muscle gain.  I'm okay with NOT having lost any weight since I started due to the reasons below.
  • Clothes already fit better – I noticed it about 3 weeks in when one of my favorite jeans were noticeably looser than before.  I've never worn a belt with them before, but now they were beginning to fall a little when I walk.  Most of my shirts fit better now as well.
  • Eating better – I don't believe in diets.  I believe in moderation.  I'll still eat Chick Fil A when I get a craving (maybe this explains the lack of weight loss,) but I just know that if you don't TREAT YO SELF, eventually when you stop working out, you'll probably blow the f* up.  Working out however has curbed my sugar craving.  Before this, I used to eat a handful of M&M's as a snack during work, but now I don't have the sugar craving anymore.  It's not like I'm consciously trying to suppress the craving either; I just don't need/want to eat M&M's now.
  • Already in better shape - It was rough walking up the stairs at work before, but now it's fine.  I'm also okay with "walking the long way" back from lunch versus the short route.  I'm also stronger and faster than before.
  • Actually excited to go work out - I used to go to the gym when I was younger and I always dreaded it.  Just because it was the same typical routine.  Now I actually look forward to going to Crossfit because each day's exercise is different, so it makes it more exciting.  I go 3 times a week now; I might push it up to 4 times soon.  I also now go on runs a few times a week as well.
  • Metabolism has kicked in - Right around week 3 was when I felt my metabolism kick in.  It's that constant state of hunger feeling.  I've started to drink protein shakes again to help with the workouts and using it as a snack.



I thought about posting some photos, but the change while noticeable isn't very dramatic.  Plus, no one wants to see a naked guy.  Maybe I'll post it at the 3 month mark.  We'll see.  On a side note, I did get 1 reader started in Crossfit as well as my local buddy, so that's a win in my book.

  • Noah @ Money Metagame

    Nice work! I’ve been on a fitness kick myself this year and it’s awesome seeing the gradual improvements.

    If obstacle course racing interests you at all, I’ll be doing the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder in the Seattle area in September. You should join!

    Tough Mudder is 8-12 miles on 9/16:

    Warrior Dash is a 5k course on 9/23:

    • Miles per Day

      Nah not interested in running those yet, but if I do, I know who to talk to.

  • Nicholai Moguet

    I was close to commenting on your initial Crossfit post, but after seeing the comment “b_econ” made on this post about “walking like an old man and using the handicap rails”, I decided to say something now. I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but I might suggest Googling “Crossfit criticism” and doing some reading of your own. Admittedly, you’ll find questionable workout technique in any fitness program and I’m not saying Crossfit is a bad idea. The main critique of Crossfit seems to be that a fair number of boxes (1) do not explain proper technique well enough for beginners and (2) either push beginners too hard or don’t stop those that are pushing themselves too hard. There’s good sore and then there’s “Oh my god, I can’t walk” sore. Ask any fitness expert -the latter, though it makes you feel like you had a good workout, is not healthy. I’m a hyper-competitive person, so I completely understand the motivational benefits in adding a competition to a workout. I’ve just heard so many stories about people going waaaaay too hard and injuring themselves. And I know it’s anecdotal and I know there are 20 different ways to work each muscle, but every single person I know that did/does Crossfit has questionable form with multiple lifting exercises whether it’s doing it dangerously or just not working the muscle group they think they’re working. Again, Crossfit is not a guarantee for anything bad. I’m sure there are hundreds of boxes out there who teach great form and don’t push so hard that it’s unhealthy – I’m not saying you should stop by any means. I’d just suggest knowing the things to watch out for just in case.

    • b_econ

      its the “hurt so good” type..i’ve read those criticisms too. Im not a beginner and know my limits. Just educate yourself, and you’ll be fine. Ask the coaches if you have questions on technique.

    • Miles per Day

      Thanks for the feedback. You’re not the only person who have warned me about pushing too hard and getting injured. I do like how my gym stresses form, but on the other hand, when they are looking for ‘1 max,’ there’s also no spotter to help you. That worries me a bit, especially if someone tries too hard. I could see injuries happening in those cases.

  • Josh Crawford

    Congrats on your first month. I’ve been doing CrossFit for quite a while now and it’s make a huge impact on my life and my family’s life. Getting involved in the CrossFit community is what helped me stick with it this whole time. I did that by creating a leaderboard for our local CrossFit competitions We just put on the Western Affiliate Showdown last weekend and had a blast.

    • Miles per Day

      Cool. Glad to hear it Josh.

  • b_econ

    Make that two readers! I was on the fence, but started this week after reading your post. Dude, I work out and not in terrible shape. The box had me come in to do an intro class, and I finished it (albeit with lower RX weight). But, for the past two days I’ve been walking like an old man and using the handicap rails in the bathroom. My plan is to shoot for 4-5 times a week. Haven’t told the wife, wonder if she’ll eventually just see a change and make a comment

    • Miles per Day

      Woohoo! Hope we can get a few more readers involved.