About those Mayweather v McGregor tickets


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that the hottest ticket this year is the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.  Last week, Ticketmaster allowed you to to sign up to be a ‘verified fan’ and that you could GET A CHANCE to buy tickets.  I had put my name in the hat and figured I had no shot.


Let’s go!

Presale tickets went on sale yesterday at 10AM PST.  I didn’t get a code so I thought I was out of luck.  A couple of readers did get the code and was lucky enough to buy tickets.  However, they quickly found out that 1) the prices are extraordinary and 2) tickets were WILL CALL ONLY.  That meant that you’d have to show up at the venue and probably show ID and proof of purchase to get your tickets.  That meant the only way to resell would be to sell the tickets at the venue.  This was a major hurdle to resellers.

At 10:02AM, I got the text message with the code and searched for tickets for shits and giggles and came up with these:



pricing tiers

I was never able to find the $500 tickets.  Even if I had found them, I wouldn’t have been able to flip them due to the Will Call stipulation so I passed.


Lessons Learned

A short while later, I read this article and sure enough, saw this.  Clearly the play was to just Ebay the code vs trying to flip the tickets.  Kicking myself for not even thinking about that route.