DEAL DEAD – Office Depot 2% or 3% Rewards on gift cards


This was actually written by Ben back in Feb 2016.  At the time, I’m sure not too many people thought much of it since they didn’t live in Dallas or Nashville.  However, some people packed up and moved to one of those cities (or moved in with someone… or used a family member’s account… you get the picture) and was suddenly enrolled in the rewards program.  You see, Office Depot never programmed to only give out rewards to stores in those zip codes.  If you used an enrolled account, you could go to ANY OD/OM store in the nation and receive 2% back.  And if you were a VIP in Dallas according to this comment on DOC, you got 3% back ON ALL PURCHASES.  That meant for a $206.95 VGC, you earned $6.21 back, thus paying $.74 for 1,035 Ink UR points, for a cpp of .07cents, compared to .6 cents for a Staples $300 VGC.


Deal Dead

This deal lasted through June 30 of this year until Office Depot went nationwide with the program and restricted the rewards to only give 2% on the first $200 of third party gift cards per quarter.  Well it seems they have now implemented those rules and so the deal is now dead.



Lessons Learned

Pack up your bags more often?

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