DEAL DEAD – Drop’s duplicate transactions


I’m sure you guys have read all the posts already on how Drop was surprised by us MS’ers as well as some “duplicate transactions.”  I won’t rehash all that, but I had told you guys to get on it before it died.  Well, here was one of the reasons why it died so quickly.


Duplicate transactions

I discovered it by accident.  You see, I’m an AU on my wife’s AMEX card.  I have a separate login from my wife’s main login, but I added both logins to make sure the purchase would track.  If you guys recall, when you’re an AU, you’ll see the charge on your login, but the main account holder sees the charge as well.  Well, it seems Drop’s engineering team didn’t consider this scenario and didn’t merge the 2 transactions into one.  I think others said that they were seeing duplicate transactions without this AMEX AU thing, but this method definitely caused duplicate transactions.


Lessons Learned

It was a good MS week.  I heard someone racked up over a million Drop points (I didn’t do nearly that much since I was traveling,) but they weren’t able to cash out most of it.  I’m sure that’s when the company said, “WTF?  How did someone rack up that much already?  STOP THE PRESSES!!!”

I’m sure I’ll get some troll comments along the lines of “So you’re the asshole that killed Drop.”  My response to that is – watch this Youtube video.  Don’t be mad at the player… be mad at the game.  I’m just the messenger here.

“Did that piece of bacon come from a pig or a hog?”

  • Mark Ostermann

    There was an article on travel with grant (since pulled) that said the writer had taken all of his cards off his account and then asked to be reinstated. They did after his ink was off the account and other MS cards and then he was able to redeem his points. May be worth a shot if you have some stranded.

    • Miles per Day

      Yeah I saw that. May try it.

  • John McGimpsey

    Unsure what you mean by “did that piece of bacon come from a pig or a hog?” since hogs ARE pigs… (and so are sows, for that matter).

    Did you mean to refer to the old Wall Street truism: “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered”???

    • Miles per Day

      There is a saying in this game “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered” meaning you should go slow. However, in this case, both the pig and the hog were slaughtered.

      • glngarryglnross

        going slow is for suckers. So many people in this craft that going slow costs you money. Hard and fast. That slogan works for everything.