Things you should have backups for in this game


A reader lost his Ebay account last week due to multi account GC purchases like how I was banned a long time ago.  It’s odd because some readers are fine doing multi accounts on the same IP while others get axed.  So this post is a reminder to all us in the game on what you need backups of:


Bank account

While I’ve been preaching people to NOT bank with Chase, Bank of America, WF, Citi because you don’t want to shit where you eat, people still do it.  I realize change is hard and changing a decade+ old checking account doesn’t sound like fun, you should do it.  Because you never know when you’ll get axed for money order deposits, churning credit cards, deposting too much cash, etc.  Even if you don’t change your primary checking account, it’s good to have a backup “just in case” the axe does fall.


Paypal account

Trust me, if you’re in the game, you should have a backup Paypal account.  I’ve been banned numerous times – once for receiving coin payments,  for not verifying my login,  for sending too much money,  for being linked to a banned account, for spending too much too soon (oops haven’t written this one yet.)  So TRUST ME; if there’s one takeaway from today’s post, it’s to create a new Paypal account.  Remember, Paypal allows you to have 1 personal and 1 business account, so just create you a backup one now and let it marinate!  Plus, new Paypal accounts aren’t allowed to buy from PPDG for a while (I’m still in this timeout period.)


Ebay account

Sure you may have have a 10 year old Ebay account that’s working fine, but trust me, it’s good to open up a backup account and just let it marinate…JUST IN CASE.  Log in to it every few months.  Maybe even buy some cheap Chinese stuff off it so keep it ‘active.’  That’s how I got back “in.”  Once I got back in, I created a new account for my mom to let that one marinate for a while.  Ebay does allow you to have multiple accounts by the way; you just can’t collude or try to circumvent limits because of it.


Amazon account

Not really high priority, but if you are a reseller, you should have a second Amazon account.  One account should have Prime; the other one doesn’t need Prime.  Have it just in case the axe drops for some reason.



  • Ramzi

    Do you know roughly what the PPDG Paypal timeout period is?

    • Miles per Day

      I don’t know, but will def post when I’m out of timeout.

  • Ken

    Usually when Amazon kills one account they will kill off any account related to you. So anything at your address, and I’ve also heard of them killing any account that was logged into from a matching IP. They are ruthless.

    • Miles per Day

      That is ruthless!

  • Mark Ostermann

    I have occasionally done the GC purchase from the same computer for my account and my wife’s account to get more inventory. Even though this is within their rules I have heard of people getting the axe for this too even though it is 2 separate people. I think it may be even more of a per address/IP limit even though it isn’t written that way.