Review – Park Hyatt Seoul South Korea


We stayed here at the beginning of April 2017 for 3 nights.  I had a friend use a Guest of Honor for my stay for 20K Hyatt points per night.  I believe rates were around $500 per night at the time.



The hotel is in the Gungnam business district, so not the BEST location, but it is on top of a subway line, which does make it a bit convenient.  Each time we needed to take the subway, you literally walk outside the door and take 10 steps to take the escalator down into the subway.


Getting to hotel

We took the bus from the GMP airport instead of ICN.  After baggage claim, we followed the signs for the bus.  We weren’t sure which one to take, so went to an information desk who told us which route to take and which bus stop to stand at.  We then went outside and looked at the signs and told the man which bus we wanted.  I paid him roughly ~$15 USD per person, which was MUCH CHEAPER than Tokyo.  The bus took about an hour to get to the Samseong station, which isn’t a “station” per se but just a bus stop.  Once we got off the bus, we saw the Park Hyatt on the other side of the intersection and walked.


Checking in

We walked into the lobby and was escorted up to the 55th floor or so to the lobby.  While we were staying as a Guest of Honor, we did get “upgraded” to a park view.  I asked them for a suite upgrade, but the checkin agent told me they did NOT upgrade Globalist members into suites, even though this hotel isn’t on the exclusion list.  We were told about the breakfast benefit, but wasn’t told about the free happy hour from 6-8pm every night in the basement bar (we accidentally found out one day when we came back one day and rode the elevator with 2 men holding wine glasses.  When we got to the lobby level, no one was working there, so we decided to ride the elevator back down and the person getting in with us just so happened to work for the Park Hyatt and told us about the happy hour.)

I also found out from the concierge the first day that they also will give you a metro card loaded with enough credit for about 2 one-way trips.  This saves you from having to buy a new card.  I did top up the cards a few times since we rode the subway pretty often.

Another benefit I found out just by happenstance was that they will pay for a taxi to drop you off at the bus station for your trip back to the airport.  



The room was pretty nice.  Great view.  I liked how you could take a bath and look outside even though you probably wouldn’t do that.  The wifi was fine.  When we got back from dinner the first night, there were some chocolates on a plate for us.  There was no recognition of our anniversary even though I had emailed with the general manager prior to my stay.



The breakfast buffet was very nice.  They had a huge buffet with Korean items like bulgogi and kimchi.  Plus, you could also order off the menu as well.  Definitely better than the Park Hyatt Tokyo benefits-wise.  The food was pretty solid too with some cured meats, fresh fruit, and freshly squeezed juices.  I’d argue it’s even better than the Andaz Tokyo’s breakfast minus the passion fruit.




I thought the room was nice.  Breakfast was GREAT.  Location was only decent.  The service was a bit lacking with me having to figure out benefits on my own.  I wish they had a sheet showing all the benefits.  Would I stay here again?  Probably not; I’d pick a hotel closer to the “action.”





  • Yati

    What kind of suitcase is that? That diagonal zipper caught my eye. How do you like it? Just a tip for all the readers…I have a Nautica brand suitcase and the retractable handle broke. I filed a warranty claim on line and in literally a few days, a new one was at my door. Then, i took that one on a trip to Australia a couple weeks ago and with it’s first use, one of the wheels got some damage making it a little weird to roll. When i returned, i filed another claim online and again, a brand new suitcase at my door within days. So, as far as getting a nautica branded suitcase, they seem prone to problems, but on the other hand, they have great customer service. Now what do i do w/ these damaged suitcases that still have some life in them?

    • Miles per Day

      Some cheapo one that even if I told you, you probably won’t be able to find it. I like it because I can spot it on the conveyor belt a mile away. Other than that, it works.

  • Christian

    I like the Grand Hyatt in Seoul. They have a free shuttle to Myeongdong, so good shopping/food/tourist options. My wife prefers the Sheraton D Cube, but obviously can’t Guest of Honor there. The treatment you got was pretty disappointing as a Guest of Honor.

    • Miles per Day

      Yeah I’m leaning towards the GH next time.

  • GodFather

    Very nice Hotel

  • Do you mean ICN and not NRT?

    • Miles per Day

      ah good catch. thanks.

      • brioche

        Oh I think it is spelled Gangnam (강남구), that part of Seoul you visited.