How I got unbanned from GiftCardMall


A few months ago, I wrote about how I was banned from Giftcardmall.  I hadn’t tried to place an order since then.  Last week, I figured I’d give it a shot and tried to place an order for $500 x 3 cards.  Some notes:

  • I have changed my IP address since 6 months ago
  • I used guest checkout
  • I used a new email address
  • I used the same credit card
  • I used my same home address

I was able to submit my order successfully instead of getting the credit card error like in the past.


Phone verification

About 6 hours later, they called me to verify my identity, my credit card, etc.  The rep then told me he’d process the order.  I never got another email from GCM since my initial email, which I thought was weird; no shipping email or anything.  A week later, I got the 3 gift cards in the mail.  SUCCESS!


Lessons Learned

Either my ban “expired” or something let me back in the door.  Since I used the same address and cc, it doesn’t seem that mattered.  My advice for you if you’re banned is to try to change your IP address, use guest checkout and a new email address.  Then cross your fingers!  If you still can’t order, then maybe give it more time…


  • Ken

    Do any portals pay out over 1% anymore?

  • dan

    hi vinh, how did u change the ip address? or do u have a web link showing how to correctly do that? TIA

    • Miles per Day

      dan, you can google it. it says to power cycle your router and modem, but i had to change my mac address on the router for it to finally change though.

      • dan

        thx vinh, will try that then see if myGCM acct may be unbanned

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  • J. Greisman

    I have stopped using GCM since metas got axed…figure that the life that I get to live a little bit longer for not going to Wally world justifies the decision.

  • Secretary_Toaster

    I always had a theory about this. When you go to the site it asks permission to verify location via your web browser. I figured that, if you deny it, or if there’s a discrepancy between your location and your address, like you’re behind a VPN or something, then they might shut you down. No evidence to support this theory other than that it’s logical.

    • Miles per Day

      Interesting. I don’t recall if that popped up when I ordered.