First Tech Credit Union shutting down edeposit services for some people


Some readers got this over snail mail over the weekend.  I may have gotten it too; just haven’t checked my mail yet.  I know a handful of people that got this letter.  The common denominator was too many money order deposits.  On the bright side, at least their accounts weren’t fully shut down; only the ability to mobile deposit items.




  • Mark Ostermann

    Did you end up getting one?

    • Miles per Day

      No I was spared. I only deposit like 1-2 every couple of months (when the ATM doesn’t accept.)

  • Josh

    I got the letter too. It mentions the ability to terminate all EFTs. Hopefully they don’t kill inter-account transfers too.

  • Mark Ostermann

    Dang that sucks – any recommendations on who else to use if I end up getting one? Also were they pumping through large volumes of MO? I probably only do a couple thousand a month.

    • Del L.

      Doing deposits on Share Branch Deposit-taking ATM? Since the account wasn’t shut down.

      • Mark Ostermann

        I don’t live near one of their branches. Everything is via phone. Was just wondering if anyone has other CU they use for mobile deposit.

      • Josh

        US Bank takes MO ATM deposits for another CU I use, up to $5k a day and they post instantly. Not sure if First Tech works this way though.