Easy way of extending your Hawaiian Airlines mileage account


I have about ~53K Hawaiian miles in my account.  I got it through the Barclay’s card signup years ago.  However since they axed me, I’ve never used HA ever since.  Awardwallet had been warning me for months that my miles were expiring in June, and so I tried to buy something through their shopping portal, but it never tracked.  I tried their web browsing thing, but never got it to work.  I even booked an award flight and cancelled after 24 hours hoping that activity would reset it.  NOPE.  Today I was browsing the site and noticed I could donate miles to a charity.  I called them up to ask them if that would qualify for an extension of my miles and they said yes.  I double checked AwardWallet and sure enough, it’s been extended another 1.5 years.  Best use of 50 miles ever.


  • Mark Ostermann

    To me it sounds like an overdue trip back to Hawaii is in order!

  • Jambo

    Any chance you have Copa miles (from a giveaway a year ago)? I’ve got 5K in multiple accounts and I can’t figure out how to extend them. Like you, I donated miles to a charity but that didn’t seem to extend things.

  • Paul

    Definitely better than the 1000 miles I spent on a magazine subscription. Don’t know that I’ll ever have a use for the 7000 remaining miles, so not gonna sweat it, though

  • Ken

    I did this last summer and it worked for me too. Best 50 points I’ve ever spent.

  • Ted

    Glad that’s working. I tried that a few months ago and couldn’t get it to work. Ended up transferring miles in instead.