That Robinhood referral FREE STOCK deal


A part of me hates doing posts like these, but the other part thinks, “IDGAF what ppl think.  I’m not pushing credit cards.  I’m just doing what I do.”  Anyway, a reader alerted me to a post by DOC yesterday about this Robinhood free stock deal.  The funny thing is that if this was a $5 signup, I’d pass.  But since this is an ‘unknown reward,’ I fell for their stupid marketing and signed up.  Took all of 2 minutes.  AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO FUND IMMEDIATELY – just pick “My bank isn’t listed.”  Once you’re approved over email, install the app, then log in and it’ll tell you what stock you got.  I got shitty Sirius but you may get something good.  I’ll probably never use Robinhood, so maybe if I don’t log in for like 10 years, Sirius will be worth $1,000.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Before you do this deal, just know that you are opening up a brokerage account and you WILL PAY TAXES when you sell that 1 share.  So not sure if it’s worth it.  A reader’s brother did get a share of Apple stock though, so you may get lucky.

 Blatant referral