Quick clarification on the AMEX Biz “Please Pay By Date”


There was a bunch of hoopla over AMEX moving up the payment due dates on Biz cards a few months ago.  However, a reader shared a clarification with me that I’ll share with you guys.  The gist is that those 2 week “Please Pay By Date” is merely a suggestion and isn’t the drop dead due date.  This only applies to BUSINESS CARDS so don’t get cute with personal cards.

So here’s the timeline:

  • March 24 – Statement closes
  • Apr 7 (2 weeks) – suggested “Please Pay by Date”
  • April 17 (24 days) – latest autopay date you can schedule
  • April 21 (28 days) –  Next statement closes.  Absolute drop dead date to make payment w/o penalty.  I’d pay on 4/20 just in case though.



Also means you can ignore this scary warning: