Review – Aloft Abu Dhabi


We had a 1 night layover in Abu Dhabi on our way back from the Seychelles.  I booked this place because we just needed a bed for the night, I was shooting for Platinum status, and it was dirt cheap at 3,000 SPG for the weekend night.  Unfortunately, we were there on National Day, and so the city had a huge festival at the convention center, which is where the hotel was located.  The main highway was blocked and so it took much longer than normal to get there.

Actually I forgot to mention that Uber has pulled out of AUH but are still there in DXB for some reason.  My wife and I were talking to the taxi stand until some random guy asked if we wanted a taxi.  He told me it’d be 90 AED ($25 USD) to get to the hotel.  This was my bad – I had NO CLUE how much a taxi would have cost.  He muttered it’d cost me 120 AED if I took the taxi, so I reluctantly agreed to ride with him.  The joke was on him due to the extra 15 minute detour that he had to take because of traffic.  If I had taken a taxi, the meter would have been running during the detour.  For reference, the taxi ride back was 40 AED.  I doubt the airport tolls would add up to 50 AED, so I most likely overpaid.


Check in

The lobby was pretty hip and colorful.  I was recognized as Gold and given 2 free drink coupons (includes alcohol) and 2 coffee/tea items for breakfast.  We immediately used our 2 drinks for some martinis at the bar that cost about $20 USD total.  We got some tea the next morning.  I think the drinks alone covered the cost of the 3000 SPG points.



The wifi was based on name and room number.  I felt it was fine.




The room was fine.  They gave us a dessert plate (not sure if it was for being Gold or if every guest got one.)  The room was a bit noisy when people were walking down the hall after the convention, but it wasn’t noticeably bad.  Plus, we left at 6AM.




I wouldn’t stay here if you were staying multiple nights since there’s not much within walking distance (you are at a convention center.)   I wouldn’t even stay here if you were doing a 1 night layover due to the cost of the taxi to/from the airport (let’s call it $40.)  If I wasn’t chasing Platinum status, I would have stayed at a hotel closer to the airport.