How I did with those Hatchimals this Christmas


I didn’t learn about the Hatchimals craze until a reader told me about them sometime back in October.  This reader seems to be a boutique reseller.  I just made up that term.  What does it mean?  Means they are a small-time, high margin, opportunistic reseller like myself.  We get more of a thrill on the actual chase instead of the actual sale (stupid I know.)  This reader had subscribed to a couple of sites that would alert him when Hatchimals came in stock.  Well eventually by the time he got the email, these things would be sold out already, so he set up his own page tracking site.  With his help, I was able to snag a few of these Hatchimals.  I seriously owe all my profit to him, so will have to buy him a beer or a few if and when I meet him in person.


Buying them

The best shot I had was when Walmart had them in stock in early December.  I was able to pound out 4 orders in a matter of a minute or two.  I only got emails for 2 of those orders, so I thought the other 2 were cancelled.  Lo and behold, all 4 would eventually show up.  It was stupid of me to pick the free value shipping.  That $10 saving may have cost me $20-$50 in profit since I got them in so late.


Selling them

I didn’t want to deal with Craigslist, so I went straight to the bay.  I know some people had success on CL.  I also know some people who put them on FBA and got $200+ for them.  Regardless, I put them up for sale on Saturday the 17th.  Initially wanted $130 + shipping (~$10.)  No hits.  Like concert tickets coming up to showtime, I knew I needed to sell them fast, so I dropped it down to $100+shipping (~$10.)  I may have gone too deep because they all sold within hours.

Total profit –

  • Gross + $110
  • Shipping – $10
  • Ebay/PP fees – $15 (est)
  • Cost – $66
  • Net – $20.  Ugh. (30% ROI)



Where did I go wrong to only net $20   One, I bought them too late.  The reader had stockpiled what looked like 2 dozen+ earlier in the fall.  I should have done the same.  Secondly, my lazy ass waited a few days before posting it; totally missing the rush.  I also should have tried Amzn marketplace or FBA since those were going for $200+, but I was too late to send it in time.  I also should have tried Craigslist to avoid the Ebay/PP fees.  A lot of mistakes made and money left on the table on this one.


  • KennyB

    Super hot, hard to find items like these usually sell for more in ebay auctions than they do buy-it-now. For next time…

  • Ken

    This season was awful for me. FBA was taking 16+ days from when I shipped the boxes till when items were actually available for sale. I know other people whose items were available less than 5 days after they shipped them. Just crazy.

  • J. Greisman

    I thought you were getting out of the reselling game? Still looks pretty serious to me!

    • Miles per Day

      “boutique” seller. I haven’t sent anything to FBA in a year.

  • Mark Ostermann

    I have been trying to get my hands on one of the NES without luck. Nintendo is missing out on so much cash to build up fake demand….