How I did with those Apple Airpods


Once again, I had no idea these hit stores until my Hatchimals reader notified me of them.  I was able to snag 2 from Best Buy on launch day for $150 plus tax.  I got them in on 12/22, so had no time to get these into the hands of people by Christmas.


Selling them

I thought about posting them on CL, but I didn’t want to deal with flakes.  I posted on FB and Ebay at the same time.  I posted at $250 intially and after no bites, I lowed it to $230 and sold them both on Ebay.  Then I get this from FB:



This was very reminiscent of the Apple pencil last year.  As of this post, they still go for $220 on eBay.  Stock is beginning to trickle in.  I’d say the resell market is gonna die probably by end of January.

  • Jk

    Need you email for Award Booking Service

    • Mark Ostermann

      Go to services at the top of the page – listed in there.

  • Mark Ostermann

    Love the facebook dude haha. Although after fees and shipping etc. he wasn’t too far off of the net was he?