now sells wine and gift cards


I love Boxed.  Not on a daily basis.  Only when they have a $20 off $50 AMEX offer or a $15 off $50 AMEX offer like they do now.  In the past, I bought probably a year’s supply of toilet paper, paper towels, stamps, etc.  Eventually I ran out of things to buy, and I looked through ALL of their products.  However, the great thing about them is they do add new stuff to their site, so it was shock to me that I saw this the other night:

After browsing some more, I saw this in the drop down:

About those gift cards

First off, they do trigger the AMEX offer credit email, so it’s safe to assume you’ll get the $15 credit.  Secondly, it’s not a gift card per se, but a promo code.  You CAN stack at least 2 promo codes + pay with 1 AMEX card on say a $150 order.  Third, use iconsumer (not sure about portal cb on the GC; currently pending.)  Fourth, marshmallows are your friend.  Fifth, the 12 bottle sets are a better value on a per bottle basis.


Wine Quality

I asked my resident miles & points wine aficionado, Robert Dwyer, on Twitter and this is what he says

Remember that everything is relative.  If you’re not a big wine drinker, you may not know the difference and it may be good for you.  My wife buys the $4 bottles of wine at Total Wine, so this may be a step up from that.  Remember, you should be able to get 12 bottles for say $150 – $45 (AO) – $6 (portal) = $99 for 12 bottles = $8.25 out the door.  I decided to go with this set because I like proseccos, moscatos (hopefully not too sweet) and sparkling rose wines.  By the way, Asian moms loooove moscato.




  • Michael

    For those interested, check out the Acorns app as well. Boxed shows up there too!

    • Miles per Day

      Eh, I’ve never heard of Acorns. What’s it have to do with Boxed? M

      • Michael

        If you link your cards first with the app (Amex Cards obviously) they give a percentage, 5% back in’s case to you via their app. I used Acorns when it first came out with Got a nice little chunk of change back for something I was using anyways.

        • Miles per Day

          Oh nice. Refer me vinhnn @

  • Michael

    Marshmallows? Are we being cryptic? Or are they useful as a filler item?

    • Miles per Day

      Filler item. But if you toast them over a fire with some chocolate and graham crackers…AMAZEBALLS!

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  • Ling Lin

    Is there a benefit for using AMEX checkout?

    • Miles per Day

      No, just the AMEX offer credit.

    • Michael

      Just makes it easier to use the AMEX offers though.

  • Michael

    FYI, uses AMEX checkout too!