Lost AMEX card? Replacement card inherits AMEX Twitter offers too


I had written last week on the best way to figure out which AMEX card is connected to which account is to just start over and get a replacement card.  Background – I was trying to add a card number to a Twitter account and I kept getting an error saying my card was already connected to another Twitter account.  I had no clue to which Twitter account, and so I went into the AMEX page and requested a replacement card.  The next day I get this email sent to that Twitter email address (bolding mine):


Dear MPD,

We are pleased to let you know that we have your new Card ending in 22060 on record.

If you added offers to your previous Card ending in 21062 through the Amex Offers program that are still available and not yet redeemed, your connection status and enrollment(s) have automatically been transferred to your new Card ending in 22060.

This communication is for informational purposes only and you do not need to take any further action.

Thank you for your Card Membership.

American Express Customer Care


Lessons Learned

By requesting a replacement card, the Twitter offers looks like it will be moved to the new replacement card.  Furthermore, I was able to look at the email address that the card was sent to and realized I had entered in a different account number for that Twitter account, which I’ve now fixed.  Thus, if you are ever unsure which AMEX card is linked to which Twitter account, you can request a replacement card, which will then trigger this email.  You have documented which Twitter account is linked to which card, right?  RIGHT?