Review – Park Hyatt New York Studio Suite



Yesterday I wrote about my stay at the Andaz 5th Avenue.  Like I said in the other post, the Park Hyatt is up on 57th St, which was close to the restaurants we ate at.  I sorta prefer this location better than the Andaz, but it’s up to you on what you like to do.





While the Andaz hardly had anyone at the entrance, there were 2-3 people standing in front of the Park Hyatt in nicely dressed suits who helped us with our luggage from the UberX.  The gentleman walked us in to the podium, which acted as our checkin station (odd since there is an official lobby if you take the elevator up.)  By the way, as soon as we walked in and saw the decor, my wife immediately liked it better than the darker Andaz lobby.

The rep told us we had been upgraded to a Studio Suite even though we had booked on points.  I was very appreciate of that since you don’t hear of too many upgrades happening here on points, even for Diamonds.

The rep then asked me for the Diamond amenity – 1000 points, $25 dining credit, or a sweet/savory item?   Let’s pause for a moment now and let me say that I have always chosen the food amenity just because I value the wine and sweets over 1000 points.  I did this at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and Park Hyatt Sydney and even at nicer Hyatt Regency hotels.  So when I was given that option, I told the rep, “the sweet/savory amenity.”  She asks, “Oh which one?  Sweet or savory?”  THAT WAS NOT A GOOD SIGN.  I softly told her, “Sweet.”  She then asked me when I wanted it delivered and I told her anytime.  Spoiler alert – here it is.  Yes, it’s 3 chocolate truffle balls.  If I had known that, I would have taken the dining credit or the 1000 points.




Breakfast Benefit

We only did the room service Diamond breakfast, which we were told was $45 a person.  I chose the breakfast special where I had the option of eggs, a protein, juice, etc (it was listed as $38.)  My wife chose 2 ala carte items that totaled up to $40 or so.  On the screen, it showed my breakfast bill was something like $105, which means I would have had to pay $15 or so, which I was okay with.  I also left a tip on the bill for the breakfast.  Upon checkout, all I had to pay was something like $5 for the room service charge.  Go figure, but I’m not complaining.




I believe it was open; no need for name/room.  I had no issues with it.



I thought the room was nice.  We were on a fairly low floor.  We didn’t hear too much street noise like we did at the Andaz.  The shower pressure was pretty strong.  We did hear the doors closing in the hallway even though we were in pretty far from the door.  The blackout shades were pretty nice and could be all controlled from a console next to the bed.



Like I said in my Andaz review, while we loved the Park Hyatt initially, I think we’d stay at the Andaz in the future.  Similar to how I loved the Etihad  First Apartments, I’d much prefer to fly Cathay Pacific F again.

















  • Mark Ostermann

    Sorry about that amenity…I told them it was our anniversary when we were there and we got a bottle of prosecco and some chocolates – with no status. Seems like their amenity for Diamonds could at least be that.

    I loved the room there but the main areas felt kind of cold to me. I want to go to the Russian Tea Room and have some Vodka next time we stay there though!

  • Robert Dwyer

    At this property I think the breakfast downstairs is a better play.