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More press for our “hobby”

You MUST watch this CNN clip (turn your sound on).


Pokemon Go Plus

I was able to score 5 of these.  They were $35 each; shot up to $100 on eBay and Amazon.  I decided to ‘TREAT MYSELF’ and actually use it.  It’s awesome.  A must have if you play the game.  Lets you spin Pokestops and catch monsters while driving.


Vietnamese and their rhino horn infatuation

Led to the extinction of an entire subspecies.  On behalf of all Viets, I apologize for these selfish human beings.


BECU CU for my Seattle people

If you live in Seattle, you should sign up for a BECU account.  They’re offering a promo where you’ll get $100 and I’ll get $100.  That’s the highest bonus I’ve ever seen from them (referral or not.)  Email me if you want to sign up.

  • Secretary_Toaster

    Why does everybody on that show have a fake British accent?