My mini app-o-rama in June 2016


I don’t usually do app-o-ramas anymore since I’ve been banned by Chase, Barclays, and USBank.  And I already have the cards that I want from the other banks.  However, I went and applied for these cards a couple of weeks ago:


Citi Prestige – Pending but approval after call

Not sure why it took me so long to get this card.  I figured I needed to get it soon because I have a hunch they are going to change the benefits soon.  Plus, I wanted to earn 1.6X on my TYP for AA flights.  My app went into pending and after a call, they gave me a CL of $21K.


Capital One Spark – Pending but approval after call

This is actually my 2nd Spark card.  I had gotten one last year or so.  Doing it mainly for the $500 bonus.  This went into pending, and after a week, they called ME to verify my SSN and to verify that I applied for the card.


Capital One Spark Miles – Rejected due to duplicate

I had heard from people that you could get 2 Cap 1 cards on the same day (may as well since it’ll only cost you 1 HP.  This may have ended lately because they sent me a rejection letter saying I had a pending application already.  Now I wonder if I should have done a Venture instead of 2 Sparks.  Oh well.


Japan Airlines card – Rejected due to too many reasons

The app went to pending and I got  a letter weeks later saying that while I had a 770 credit score, they rejected me due to 1) too many delinquent accounts, 2) too many inquires, 3) too many accounts.  Basically no way in hell they are gonna give me this card.



Looking back, I should have added an AMEX card in there.  I didn’t do BOA because I’m at month 11 on my AS cards, so I was going to give it 1 more month to get the companion pass before cancelling.  I’ll then give them a go the next app-o-rama.


  • Ken

    Did you get a pull from every agency for the Cap1 cards?

    • Miles per Day

      You know what, it seems they only pulled EX and EQ. Everyone says they pull all 3 so I assumed so, but I guess not for me.

      • Ken


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  • Secretary_Toaster

    FWIW I too have read about two Cap1 approvals same day. So I applied for the Spark (instant approval) and the Venture (pending). The next day they rejected my Venture app, and adding insult to injury they did another set of HP! Six total! Ugh.

    • Miles per Day

      Ooph, sorry to hear. At least now we all know that door has been shut.

  • Too Nashty

    Why the JAL card?

    • Miles per Day

      Their award chart and a visa/mc card vs xferring spg.

  • Paul

    You’re delinquent?