Staples imposes new quantity limit of 3 SPECIFIC electronic gift cards per day


If this has been covered by another blog (I didn’t see it on the major ones,) then let me first say I apologize and THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DON’T COVER THE “NEWS!”  Anyway, as I was trying to buy my max quantity of 9 Ebay gift cards from Staples the other day, I got the following error message.  I believe this started happening around the end of May, but no one has posted about it yet (or maybe I didn’t see it yet.)



Then I tried it with:




But yet this worked:




I didn’t try to make multiple orders of a quantity of 3.  There’s no need to poke that bear!

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  • ddd

    I get the buying at a discount part, but what do you do with ebay cards? Wait for gift card sales on ebay? I guess you could just keep cycling ebay to staples…

    • Miles per Day

      That’ll be in a later ‘DEAD DEAL’ post once the current play dies.

      • ddd

        It would be too late then… Even more intriguing is what do you with the Target cards… Never mind, you just convert them to more ebay cards…

        • Mark Ostermann

          Ebay is off of Targets website…you can buy them in store at $50 a pop but that is about it as far as I know.

      • anthonyjh21


        Give it a few weeks after too. Never know if it raises back up from the grave.

  • anthonyjh21

    I ran into these limits when I bought eBay gc on 5/15 so I can confirm it’s been implemented since mid-May. I have the extra 1% on my amex simply cash card and was trying to diversify my eBay sourcing.

    So yeah you can still buy gift cards in Qty 9 but you’ll end up with some dinky $25/$50s lol.

    • Miles per Day

      Oh man, I can’t deal with $25/$50 cards, esp with crappy eBay’s checkout system. I’ll stick with more orders weekly then since I’m still bandwidth constrained with SC too.

      • beaglehug

        Yup since early May…I now buy $200 x 9 ebay gcs and pay the minor shipping fee just to save time.

      • anthonyjh21

        I’m guessing you’ll be well fed via the BBVA card for the next week or so.

        I do worry I’ll get eyes on my account if I make a lot of $300 purchases though.

        • Miles per Day

          It’s worse. You’re getting a lot of $100 charges on your account.