A review of my dinner at Canlis restaurant in Seattle



Let me first disclaimer this post by saying that while I love food, I’m no “foodie.”  I don’t like sushi.  I don’t know the names of the expensive stuff I eat.  I’m basically like this four year old that reviewed French Laundry.

Anyway, the wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary recently, and a friend had given us a gift card to Canlis restaurant, which is probably THE most famous expensive restaurant in Seattle.  No one ever says, “Oh I love the food there.”  It’s usually, “Ooooh you went to Canlis?  Oh, you fancy, huh!”  While I’ve been here for over 10 years, this was my first time to go.  I don’t remember everything we ate and my memory is bad, so read this review for your enjoyment and don’t take it seriously.

By the way, I splurged and got us both the 9 course tasting menu, and we shared the more expensive wine pairing (since I had to drive home.)  Here we go:



Some kind of martini cocktail.  Pretty good.  My Instagram game is on point!



Totally forgot.  Wasn’t chocolate filled.



This champagne was DELICIOUS!   After we finished our glass, the sommelier offered us a refill, and I mentioned to him how delicious it was.  He said he put in on par with Krug/Dom, and I agreed with him.  Imagine a rose Dom and you get this bad boy.  Definitely the highlight of the meal.



This oyster was good.



Amberjack maybe?  I don’t like sushi, so didn’t really enjoy it as much as my wife.



Can’t even remember it



There were bits of abalone(?) I think in it.  Not memorable.



My favorite wine is Rieslings, specifically German Rieslings.  I tend to like the cheaper ones like Dr Loosen (like $10 a bottle) over the more expensive ones.  Or maybe perhaps I’ve trained my tastebuds to like cheap crap and it doesn’t appreciate the finer ones.  Anyway, I thought this one was on the sweeter side while I prefer the dryer ones.




No clue.



Can’t recall.



Halibut I believe.  It was good.



Beef tartar.  I’m just not a fan.



This one was pretty good even though I can’t remember it.



Good but I can’t recall.



I did NOT like this dish as the main course.  Pork really shouldn’t be the main course, especially one that is just grilled.  I thought it was a bit too fatty for me anyway.



Pretty good dessert.




Too sweet.




I think everyone gets one of these.



The macaroons were good.



While we enjoyed the meal, I don’t see us coming back anytime soon.  Like I said, people only come here for special occasions; the couple next to us were celebrating an anniversary as well.  What was the price of the meal?  More than the price of a drugstore variable gift card!


  • Mark Ostermann

    I don’t think there was one thing there I would have enjoyed eating :)…but sometimes the atmosphere makes it not matter.

  • Secretary_Toaster

    that dessert looks like it has a bandaid on it