You must request access to sell Hamilton NY tickets on Stubhub


For those of you that got tickets to Hamilton in New York and want to resell on Stubhub, you MUST request access to sell first.  Here is the popup you’ll see when you try to sell:



My email to Stubhub

I emailed Stubhub and told them a) I had bought the tickets from Ticketmaster myself and b) the 2 dates I wanted to sell the tickets for.  In under 24 hours, they responded back with this:

Dear StubHub Seller,

Your StubHub account has been approved to list tickets for Hamilton.

Important notes about selling for this event:

– You may continue to still see a pop-up message indicating approval is required. Once you continue past the message, you will be able to select all available delivery methods now that your account has been approved.

– Please be mindful of purchase limits set by the primary ticketing source for this event. If you purchased over the limit, your tickets may be revoked. If you have any concerns about the validity of your tickets, please remove your unsold listings or contact us immediately about your sales.

– Please be aware of the ship date that will be provided if your tickets sell. You must deliver your tickets no later than that date or your order may be canceled and you will be charged for all costs, including but not limited to the cost of replacement tickets, related to fixing the order for the buyer.

We appreciate you choosing StubHub as the marketplace to list your Hamilton tickets.

StubHub Trust & Safety



I’m not sure what would happen if I try to sell different dates, and I’m not sure if you have to do this for the Chicago tickets.  Either way, now you know the process.  Better you apply sooner rather than later.  For the record, I have not listed any of my tickets on Stubhub.   I’m just telling you what you need to do.  Thanks to a reader who let me know this.

  • entered apprentice

    A question constantly nagging me is what happens to all these tickets on stubhub that don’t sell? For tonight, I see 50 tickets for sale. More for some other nights this week. 10 of those tickets are center orchestra in the first 5 rows. I know those seats will not be empty by the time the curtain goes up. I’ve been to enough broadway acts to know when these things are sold out, there is not an empty seat in the house. So is there some way to dump your tickets last minute if you get burned on stubhub? Does the theater fill those seats from a waitlist if people don’t show up? Wondering if you have any insight.

    • Miles per Day

      Usually they’ll drop the price at the last minute. 3 scenarios though if they don’t sell – 1. the tickets were fake so whatever, 2. they actually attend, 3. they eat the cost and say F it.

  • gk08

    Wonder what the ship by date is for tickets acquired directly through the AmEx concierge.

    • Miles per Day

      Not really sure. Maybe reply back to AMEX to find out.

      • gk08

        They would only guarantee delivery no later than 48 hours before the event. Hopefully these will ship in January with the rest of the tickets from this sale.

  • billy d

    can you sell the chicago electronic hamilton tickets on StubHub? This just mentions pdf (which i assume is the NY electronic tickets) and UPS. Will it work for the Chicago QR codes? Or can you convert QR codes to regular UPS tickets?

    • Miles per Day

      Jury is still out for the QR codes. IF the QR codes are printable, then I think you’re fine selling it as QR codes. if you’re worried, you can contact TM and have them change the order to physical tickets

  • Blue moon

    Yeah, same message on Chicago.

    • Miles per Day

      Thanks good to know.


        So I bought tickets for Hamilton Chicago and had put them up for sale on Stubhub. I wanted to changed them to pdf tickets and realized when I went into my account that they are the mobile tickets only. I contacted ticketmaster and they said it’s a mobile only event and I can’t change the ticket style. Should I sell them on ticketmaster. Any experience with this?

        • Miles per Day

          I actually have a post scheduled tomorrow about this. Yes, sell them on TM.