Jetblue Virgin America match and other misc news

Jetblue Virgin America match

I’m sure most of you have seen the post already.  I’m in Portland this weekend, so only sent in my screenshot on Friday night.  I know a couple of people who have gotten confirmed already.  This makes that MR -> VX -> AS deal even better.  For me based in Seattle, I could do a $200 Jetblue flight to Anchorage or a $160 flight to Long Beach, CA.  I’m not sure if I’ll do either since I haven’t flown Jetblue in over 5 years.


Cardcash 5X Ink Death

Other blogs have covered this already as well, but Ink 5X on Cardcash/ABCgiftcards is dead.  I think the jury is still out on whether it still earns 3X TYP.  By the way, want to know what gift card exchange still earns 5X?  This one right here!


Portland Meetup

Thanks to the people who showed up to the mini-Portland meetup.  I’ll do more of these when and if I travel to your city.


Upcoming posts

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  2. Amtrak review of Seattle to Portland
  3. The Nines review (spoiler – it is awesome)
  4. Two days in Portland
  5. Another dead deal