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Alaska EK devaluation

When I found out that morning, my immediate thoughts were, “Oh man, that sucks.  Shit!  Should have booked my return trip from the Seychelles.  Oh well.”  Then I went about my business.  I’ve been in this game long enough that massive devaluations  no longer affect me.  I only do ~2 big international trips a year, and so instead of having leftover miles, I’ll just have to work harder to get the miles I need.  For all you readers who struggle to accumulate 200K miles a year, I can feel your pain.


Misc news

  • I got the order confirmation from Tesla for my Model 3.  No order # or place in queue.  I figure I’m number 90K or so. First 15K employees got first crack, then a portion of the 75K S owners (let’s say 25K), and then 100 stores * 500 people.
  • Wife’s Chase Apps got rejected.  1 was for too many inquiries and the other was due to a debit/income ratio (my guess is the Infiniti SUV loan pushed her over)
  • I’ll be updating my ‘2016 Miles and Points’ every quarter instead of monthly now this year
  • This is my monthly THANKS TO YOUR READERS for supporting the site by clicking on the Amazon link to the right as well as the other items on the ‘Support the site.’