Pictures of EVERY SINGLE Hyatt hotel in Tokyo, Osaka, Hakone, and Kyoto


Reader Allen shared with me these pictures taken with a Canon T6i of his recent trip to Japan.  It was much nicer than my Park Hyatt Tokyo pictures, and he even took photos of the pool and other common areas that you would think I would have done.  I asked him if I could share the photos with you guys and he obliged.  Thanks Allen.


His Rankings

I was surprised he ranked the PH so low.  I asked him why he ranked the Andaz higher than the PH – “I used to think PH Tokyo was best hotel I’ve ever stayed until I stayed at Andaz. The hotel is new and the staff is very friendly, actually makes you feel like you belong. The breakfast blown me away too. The building it is in is seriously new and awesome too.

1. Tokyo Andaz (upgraded to Large King Room)
2. Hakone Regency (upgraded to Regency Suite)
3. Kyoto Regency (upgraded to Executive Suite)
4. Tokyo Grand (upgraded to King Suite)
5. Osaka Regency (upgraded to Diplomatic Suite)
6. Tokyo Park (upgraded to Park View)
7. Tokyo Regency (upgraded to Atrium Suite)



ANA Intercontinental Tokyo
Grand Hyatt Tokyo
Andaz Tokyo
Regency Tokyo
Park Hyatt Tokyo
Regency Hakone
Regency Osaka
Regency Kyoto

  • beaglehug

    I had 2 rooms during my stay at Park Hyatt – 2 nights using CC free nights, 1 night paid with 30k points. So after the first 2 nights, they moved me from the giant room I had (not sure what type, sorry, but it was incredible…not a suite but almost?) to a dinky Park View room. The Park View was nice, but not 30k-points-nice. I wonder if that might have something to do with your rankings. If I went to PH Tokyo and was put in a Park View for all 3 nights, I probably would’ve loved the service but thought the room was meh.

    To illustrate that the room type seems to matter: I thought my suite at HR Osaka was better than the Park View at PH Tokyo, but not better than my room at the bigger room in PH Tokyo. And the service at PH Tokyo definitely blew HR Osaka out of the water. The service at Osaka was kinda non-existent, actually, and I was Diamond when staying at HR Osaka and Platinum when at PH Tokyo…

    Similarly, when I stayed at PH Sydney, which I had heard was an amazing hotel, I was pretty disappointed primarily due to the room type I got as a Diamond (a view of a tree…). I’m sure it was amazing for people who actually got upgrades and/or suites…

  • Ken

    What status does he have?

    • Allen

      Diamond from the Twitter fiasco

      • Ken

        Thanks. Unfortunately I was super busy with work and missed out. Too bad because I’d likely be traveling a lot more if one of us had Diamond. We’re Diamond with Hilton but Hyatt is what we really want.

  • HanksTravel

    Were the upgrades from using DSU or just auto upgrades from being HGP diamond?

    • Miles per Day

      Probably a mix of both

    • Allen

      it was both like what Vinh said

      • HanksTravel

        Thanks Allen.
        But none of the auto upgrades were to a suite, right?

        • Allen

          Kyoto was to a suite, other ones were to bigger room