Hilton Diamond match and other misc news

Hilton Diamond match

My wife basically has no status with anyone.  However, she does have IHG Platinum status.  I wasn’t going to even attempt that match, but I read DEM Flyer’s post and gave it a shot.  Sent in my IHG stuff (make sure you send in .jpg) on like a Saturday or so.  On Monday, she was matched to Hilton Diamond until March 31, 2018.   I think that’s longer than my match I did earlier this year?


Citi shutdowns

Heard about some Citi shutdowns this week.  Once again, we think we think the anonymous payments had a role in it.

  • Ken

    For your wife’s match, did she have an award stay or paid stay to submit?

    • Mark Ostermann

      I have the same question…I have 4 reward stays but no paid stays…I would like to extend my Diamond to 2018!

      • Miles per Day

        My one and only stay was an award although there was a minor room charge. I don’t think they really care