My gas station moves to cash only due to fraud



Gas stations have been very YMMV for a source to buy gift cards via credit cards.  It’s REGIONAL YMMV and in some regions, it’s STORE YMMV, and in some stores, even CASHIER YMMV.   I have been lucky to find a couple near me that a) stock VGC and b) let me use a credit card.  I was using Ink for a while, but for this quarter, I switched to Discover for the 5% x 2.


Poop hits the fan

I’m not the only one buying the cards since I’ll see diminishing stock each time I go in.  I had spent $2,000 out of the $3,000 in Q4 (my wife and my card,) and was going to buy my last $1K this past weekend until a familiar cashier tells me, “Oh it’s now cash only for cards over $25.”  I ask him what happened.  He tells, “We are in a lawsuit due to fraud…”  DOUGH!  It seems that the fraudsters have been buying VGC in the area (a grocery store was hit last year,) and I guess got around to trying out the gas station.


Lessons Learned

The enemy of MS is fraud.  Secondly, don’t procrastinate.  I should have finished all $3K earlier in the quarter.  I guess I’ll try out other gas stations nearby to see if anyone has any stock left and will let me buy with a credit card.


  • Paul

    Finally happened to me here after a few years of good use. Even had a good relationship with the management that got me through a couple rounds of fraud inspired “cash only” stints, but now it seems hardcoded from above. Functioning chip readers might eventually save the day…

    • Miles per Day

      Is this the national gas station in the Simpsons or a regional gas station? I haven’t tried since this post.

      • Paul

        -4. Only “gas station” in my region of the NW that I’ve found that sells them