A mini App-o-rama for my wife


I hadn’t done an app-o-rama for the wife since last August.  She went 4 for 6 during that go-round, and I was able to add a Discover It a month later.  The Infiniti financing last month was also all in her name, so I wasn’t sure how this round was going to go.  However, I desperately need Hilton points for my trip to the Seychelles later this year, so I couldn’t wait any longer.

Hilton Surpass 85K – instant approval

I thought about getting the regular Hilton with the 70K offer, but I needed the extra 1 HH at groceries as well as the ability to get Diamond for her after $40K of spend.  If I wasn’t in a desperate need for the points, I would have gotten the free card since 70K is unheard of for that card.  Maybe I’ll get it down the line.  I’ll figure it out later.


Bank of America Alaska Visa 25K + $100 – instant approval

This will be her 2nd AS card.  I’ll line up a business card down the road for her.


Citi Hilton regular 75K – instant approval

75K is crazy good for this no annual fee card.  This and the 70K AMEX card gets me 1/3 of the way to my goal.  I think I’ll get the reserve card in the summer to use in the Seychelles category 9 Hilton to save me 180K points.

By the way, this is actually her first ever Citi card.  They gave her a 20K CL.  They had actually rejected her for the ATT card back in August.  I think that was due to all the AMEX AU’s I was adding at the time.


Chase British Airways (up to 100K) – pending

They had rejected her for the Sapphire in August, but gave her the Hyatt then.  I figure I may as well try out the card before the 5/24 rule kicks in on personal cards.  I don’t plan to call in and let this one sit (heck, it took nearly 6 weeks to hear about the Hyatt card last time)


Chase Marriott 85K – pending

Heck, if Chase pulled her credit for the BA card, may as well add another card too since the pulls are combined.  I don’t have high hopes for the BA card and definitely not this card, but if they give it to me, great!



I thought about getting her a US Bank Flexperks card, but decided it wasn’t worth it.  I also considered Cap 1 Spark, but didn’t really need it at the moment.  Barclays was out of the question since we’re banned from there.  I’m not trying to go too hard with her cc signups.  I’m sorta taking the mentality of specializing meaning we both don’t need the AMEX Hilton.  She can have the card and I’ll MS on it.  She doesn’t need the ATT card since I have it already.  So there’s no need to double-up on the same cards…yet.  Maybe my mind will change down the road; we’ll see.


  • Man you call 5 cards mini aor? I think that’s more than average.

    • Miles per Day

      More than the average consumer, but in line with the people who have been doing this for a while. I could have easily squeezed out a couple of more obscure cards but passed.

      • how many cards do you typically get each round?

        • Miles per Day

          for me personally, maybe 2-3 cards since I have a lot of cards already. I’ll do more for my wife (like this 4-5) since she doesn’t have all the cards yet.

  • Ken

    Subscribed for updates. Or just do an update post 😉

    • Miles per Day

      I’ll do an update on one of my random weekend posts. May not be for another month though since Chase is slooow these days.

      • Ken

        Yeah they are. Took weeks to approve my Ink+ card recently.