2 retention offers and 1 card closure


I hate calling credit companies for retention offers just because it’s like a game of poker – I don’t want to close the card, but I need to sound convincing so they don’t call my bluff.


Citi AA Platinum

I’ve had this card going on 4 years now.  I love it because this was the one that comes with both a VISA and an AMEX version (hello AMEX offers.)  I’ve never had to pay the $95 annual fee on the card because every year, they waive the $95 AF and give the usual, “Spend 1K a month and receive 1K bonus miles (2K total) every month for the next 16 months.”  So I called the first line rep and told him I wanted to cancel.  He asked if I wanted to close one of the cards or the whole account.  I asked him does it make a difference on the annual fee if I closed just the Visa.  He says NO.   THEN WHY THE HELL WOULD I CLOSE ONE OF THE CARDS AND NOT THE ENTIRE ACCOUNT?!?

Anyway, he sent me over to retention who sounded very eager to keep my business and sure enough, the offer was “We’ll waive the $95 annual fee if you spend $95 within 2 billing cycles AND the usual 1K bonus for the next 16 months.”  I gladly accepted the offer.  The funny thing is that I think I’m still at the tail end of last year’s offer, so I don’t know if I’m going to get 2K bonus miles if I spend 1K in the next 2-3 months here (e.g. the retention offers overlap.)


Barclays Aviator Red

I think everyone has this card because we all signed up for the US Airways card before it product changed to the Aviator Red.  Anyhow, a month ago, I got that mail offer of “Spend $500 in every month for next 3 months and receive 15K bonus AA miles.”  I was hesitant to call and cancel because I didn’t want to close the card before that offer ended.  I figured I may as well try anyway.  So I called in and they waived the annual fee PLUS gave me this offer – “Spend 1K in the next 90 days and earn an additional 5K miles.”  Now I actually think this offer stacks with the 15K offer since they are 2 separate offers.  Whether it stacks or not, I’m just glad the AF was waived.


AMEX Business Gold

The retention rep sounded eager to keep me as a card member, and Daniel over at DEM Flyers told me they gave him a $100 credit.  Remember that this card comes with a $175 AF.  Note that I already have 4 personal cards and both the Plat and Biz Plat cards.  I was expecting the $100 credit too, but after looking at my account she said, “Well it seems you already have the Delta Business Gold card, so will you be putting spend on that?”  I said YES.  She then let me cancel the card, but before she did, she made sure I wasn’t going to lose my membership rewards.  Since I still have the old school Blue, my MR were fine.  It’s a bit said to see all those AU’s go, but they just weren’t worth the $175 AF.



Even if you hate calling for retention offers, you should at least call in.  Remember, worst case, you can just change your mind at the last minute and tell the rep you want to keep the card instead.

  • J. Grant

    All those AU’s? Doesn’t AMEX require SSN for all AU’s? Or do they not check? I don’t mess with AMEX too much – they’ve been incredibly good to me over the years incl. 8 automatic approvals in the last two years.

  • Ken

    The Citi AAdvantage offers will stack. I’m getting 3k points a month (1k spend + 1k bonus + 1k bonus) and they overlap for ~4 months or so.

    Did you call Barclays before or after the AF posted on your Aviator card?

    • Miles per Day

      Thanks for data point Ken. I called them almost a month AFTER the AF posted.

      • Ken

        Thanks. I’m still waiting for the AF to post so I can call. I also have to call for an old Ink Bold card, Biz Gold Rewards, and a Carlson card that did not receive the free night cert. It’s only a $60 AF so I might pay it for 40k points.

        • Miles per Day

          Crap. You’re right; I need to call on both mine and wife’s Ink. I’m going to cancel the Carlson card and decide not to stay with them anymore. Haha.

          • Ken

            Let me know how the Chase calls go. Are the Ink Bold or Plus cards? I had $30k+ in business spending last year so hopefully they refund my fee since they’re making more money off of my swipe fees.

          • Miles per Day

            1 of each actually. I had similar spending, but I’m sure they lost money on me. 😉

          • Ken

            5X spend? I had hardly any 5X spend, maybe $2k out of that $30k+ spend.

  • David

    The Citi AA retention offers DO overlap, as I’ve gotten 3K miles on my VISA card for 1K spend.

    • Miles per Day

      Haha good to know. Thanks David.

  • Joshua Stecker

    You could’ve downgraded the Business Gold to Business Green with a $95 annual fee and free AUs.

    • Miles per Day

      That crossed my mind but I don’t know how that would affect me applying again down the road and getting the signon bonus again. Plus, I wasn’t fully maximizing all AMEX Offers of late, so even at $95, it would have been costly to keep. Granted 1 Staples or Amzn offer would make up that $95 but then I’d go back to the signup bonus question.