Amazon FBA – What to do when FBA damages an item and they give you a low credit



Now that I’ve been ramping up my reselling, I’ve been sending 3-4 boxes per day to FBA.  It’s now NEW stuff I’m sending; it’s stuff that’s been at my house for the past 6 months.  Anyway, one of the items I sent in was this DeLonghi Kmix toaster.  I had initially bought this from Bloomingdale’s when I was doing my $20K challenge; they were on clearance at the time for $59.99 each.  I finally got around to sending 2 Blue ones and a couple of PINK ones to FBA last week.

Amazon warehouse damages item

As soon as the 2 blue ones arrived, 1 of them went to “Unfulfillable” status.  I hovered over the item and luckily, Amazon damaged the item and will reimburse me down the road.  It took about a week for them to reimburse me, and it came out to ony $25.  Apparently, it turns out that $25 is the default reimbursement for a kitchen item.


How to ask for a higher reimbursement

Luckily for me, the other one actually sold for $99.99 around the same day.  After the $21 Amazon FBA fee, I netted about $79.   To file a claim, I went to Get Support > Contact Us > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Issue.   I told them of how my 2nd one sold and I netted $87 for it.  I then waited a day for them to get back to me, and they asked me for an invoice.

I told them I couldn’t find an invoice and that they should use the last sold price, but once again, they asked for an invoice (like they never even actually read my first 2 replies.)

I knew this was getting nowhere so I went ahead and sent them an invoice like they asked, and within a day, I got the reimbursement for an additional ~$54, which is $79-$25.  I’m not sure if they had matched the last sold price like I told them or the invoice price, which just so happened to be the same amount.



If Amazon breaks or loses an item and you think they didn’t fairly reimburse you, contact them!

  • Robot

    Petty expensive toaster. How do you know what’s a good item to resell? Do you go by Amazon top 10,000 list?

    • Vinh

      That’s a good topic for a post. Remind me if I forget in a week or so.