March 2015 round of credit card applications

It had been a while since I have applied for a credit card (over 60 days since my AMEX Business Platinum card).  Today, I went ahead and applied for 6 cards.  Here’s what I applied for (in order):  (also, I have no referral links so you can Google the cards)

AMEX Simply Cash (approved after call)

This is a no annual fee business card.  The current signup bonus is $250 after $5K spend.  That’ll be easy with AGCs.  It also gives 5% at office supply stores as well as other category bonuses that you can Google.  I mainly got it for the bonus and that it was no annual fee.   It didn’t auto approve me, but I called in and they approved me after 5 minutes to verify my address.

Chase United Business 50K (pending)

I got this due to the increased signup bonus and that it’s been over 6 months since I applied for the Chase Ink Plus card.  I plan on NOT calling reconsideration since I hear they are a pain in the ass these days.  I’ll just wait for them to let me know in the mail, but I’m hopeful.

Discover Miles card 3% (auto approved)

This is the card I really wanted.  This will be my new go-to card.  Bye bye Arrival+.  This card gives you 1.5% on purchases to go towards travel, and after the first year, they will double the miles, and hence it’s a 3% card for travel.  They key is to make sure you don’t get shut down in the first year.  😉

FIA AMEX (auto approved)

Google Flyertalk FIA AMEX to get the $50 signup bonus.  This card gives you 2% cashback on all purchases, no questions asked.  Well, except that the money is deposited into a Fidelity account.  I am good with that since I don’t want that money going back into my regular checking account.  Now it’ll be easier to track how much cashback I am accumulating throughout a year on MS activities

2 x BoA Alaska Visa (pending on both)

Make sure you Google ‘Alaska Visa $100 statement credit’ to get the offer with a $100 statement credit after 1st purchase.  Technically, this works with only 1st time members, so I don’t know if they’ll give it to me since I’ve had the card already in the past.  I also used the 2 browser trick since I heard you can get 2 (or even 4) of these cards in one day.  Since I didn’t get instant approval, I’ll wait this one out too.

Bloomingdale’s store charge card (approved after call)

Since Bloomingdale’s is now my favorite store to buy and resell, I needed this card to get the extra 5% off when they run coupon codes.  I wanted the AMEX version, but that can only be done in-store, and there are none in Washington (and hence the no sales tax).  I had to call them to answer 2 security questions before they approved me.  The card is also payable with Evolve.