Closed my Bank of America Visa card


I had gotten this card in December of 2013 and was just charged the $75 annual fee on the card.  The good news is that they actually had credited me the Alaska $99 companion pass already in my account, and I used it already, so sorry, no take backs.  The phone call took about 5 minutes, and the rep didn’t even send me to Retention or give me any offers.  After I told him I wanted to close my account, he asked me to verify my social and after a minute or two, he said, “Okay, done.”  I was a little perturbed I didn’t even get an offer to downgrade to a no annual fee card or some kind of spending bonus.  And I had charged over 45K on the card last year too.  What a horrible retention group.  No worries, since this card is easily churnable, I’ll apply for a new one in a couple of months and confident I’ll get the 25,000 bonus anyway.